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TRAM Flap Breast Reconstruction

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The image on the left was taken after positive left breast biopsy, prior to left mastectomy and immediate reconstruction with a free TRAM flap.

The image on the right shows a final result after nipple reconstruction/areolar tattooing.

The images show final result after bilateral free TRAM flap reconstruction after bilateral mastectomy.

This 38 year old woman presented after mastectomy and external beam radiation. Because of the radiation exposure, it was felt that the tissue expansion method had too high a risk of failure or complications. Therefore, she was reconstructed using the TRAM flap method.

The image on the left shows her at presentation, prior to reconstruction. The image on the right shows her final results after nipple/areola reconstruction.

This 31 year old woman presented with left breast cancer- she elected to have bilateral mastectomies performed. Because she was going to receive radiation postoperatively to her left site, reconstruction at that site was deferred until the radiation therapy was completed. At the same stage as the mastectomies, an immediate right breast reconstruction with a tissue expander was performed.

The image on the left shows her at presentation, prior to surgery. The image on the right shows her final result after placement of a permanent breast implant on the right, and TRAM reconstruction of the left breast.


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